Future plan and Projects

Future plan and Projects

UNILINK realizes and recognizes the interdependence on the buyer, provider (supply chain) and other pharmaceutical value chains.

UNILINK will continue to invest in developing medicines that the market wants to buy and will always adopt a more flexible policy on pricing and will focus their its efforts on multi Country launches of their products in the future with innovative molecules with good presentation and get up on packaging as per prescribed norms in the Pharmacopeias.

To bring down the delivery period and costs and to get better access to the wholesalers and to the direct consumers, UNILINK is also planning to open Depots manned by adequate marketing and sales force in tangible markets independently or as joint ventures.

Immediately UNILINK plans to increase the production capacity of oral beta lactam penicillin’s and build a separate facility for cephalosporin’s with in its complex as a separate entity.

Will focus our efforts on R & D and will continue to upgrade our existing facilities to meet the future technological challenges and to immediately increase the production capacity of penicillin’s and also to set up an independent factory for cephalosporin’s.

To meet the future technological challenges, we have earmarked funds will soon set up a state-of-the-art factory to be built as per ANDA specifications for small volume parenteral’s.

Finance And System

UNILINK has been generating profits since THE LAST ONE DECADE and a major portion of its profits are being ploughed back every year to continuously to upgrade manufacturing capabilities and innovative formulations development.

Our bankers proudly confirm that the company has good financial discipline and its capital base is sound.

All the financial parameters are well within norms and the company is firm in meeting the commitments in time.


The company has sound infrastructure in IT. With the wireless lease line from Airtel, the speed is well directed. The plant and the corporate office is also connected through wireless lease line. The company is poised for implementing ERP across different functions within the organization.


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